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Rongho is currently the most sought-after game in major domestic and foreign playgrounds . Most gamers come to this game because of its “strange” name or maybe because it was introduced by friends. But once tried, no one can “escape” this game. So what kind of game is dragon and tiger that is so attractive? Let’s learn some interesting things about this game by following this article.

Do you understand all about Rongho game?


First of all, let’s find out what a tiger is! Dragon Tiger, also known by its familiar name, is a dragon and tiger originating from the west. Currently, this game has been popular and strongly developed in many countries around the world.

Rongho actually only uses a 52-card deck to play . This game is quite similar to  Baccarat , but the scoring method is much stricter. At the game portals, the game can be equipped with many different types of bets. Basically, players need to know the international rules of this game.

How to play rongho for newbies

How to play dragon tiger is quite simple,  the dealer  will deal with two doors Dragon – Tiger. In which each door will have 1 card face down and no one will know which card it is. Players have to observe and guess which door is greater in total and then place a bet on that door.

If your Rongho99 result is correct, you will receive all the money on the table and vice versa, if you lose, the player will lose the bet amount. A small note for you is that the bet time is only 20 seconds maximum, so you need to decide quickly and accurately. 

Types of playing cards dragon tiger

As mentioned above, the game dragon tiger has many different ways to play. However, it is this diversity that helps you have more choices for yourself. The current market has the following types of rongho play.

Play Rongho online with a beautiful Dealer


The number 1 choice of most players is definitely the type of dragon and tiger with a beautiful and hot Dealer, right? C steam Rongho live not only helps you get more excited but also brings the most authentic experience . Players will enjoy the feeling of “blood battle” like betting at a real casino.

In the current 4.0 era, this form of playing rongho99 is not too new. You just need to own a device that can access the Internet with a stable connection to be able to participate in  this card game  . Besides, playing this dragon tiger online can also turn you into a giant if you are lucky to win many games in a row because the bonus from this game is huge.

Rongho 3D

If you are bored with live dragon and tiger, you can also switch to playing in super-roll 3D. When playing this kind of rongho at the bookie, the dealer will be illustrated with a virtual animation that is almost 90% real

Many users are still a bit hesitant with this form of play because this is completely a pre-programmed automatic play and they are afraid that there will be cheating problems. 

However, you do not need to worry too much, all major game portals now have legal operating licenses. Dragon Tiger 3D is also updated by them from well-known manufacturers in the market, so cheating is unlikely to happen. 

Rongho Lotobet eats money

This is a special form of the game rongho99. This form of play is similar to the lotto lotto. To play this type of dragon tiger bet you also have to guess whether the Dragon or Tiger door is bigger and bet on the door you have decided to choose. 

If the result is a number of tens, those who place the Dragon door will win and the units line will win the Tiger door.

This is considered the way to play the most unique variation of Dragon Tiger, so more or less you should try it once, maybe you will be addicted.

Features of the prestigious Rongho game portal

To know if the Rongho99 playground is reputable or not, first base it on the business license and operating policy of that game portal. A business license is something that bookmakers do not easily get, only qualified bookmakers can own it.

The level of popularity and popularity of that game portal you must not ignore. Quality bookies often have a long history of operation in the market.

A good Dragon Tiger game portal will receive many good reviews and will be shared by players in gambling groups. When deciding to choose a certain game floor, you should first refer to online game groups and forums to get more information.

Join Rongho online now to experience the ultimate green feeling. All forms of playing Dragon Tiger are now equipped by bookies, so you just need to find the right address for you and relax.

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